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About Us

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About Us

ORRIS Safety aim is to keep people safe at work. Our values are more than just statements; they define our reasons for being in business. Our aim is to continually improve our quality through a process of improvement, assessment and review along with clearly defined accountabilities and an assurance of risk based internal audit. The responsibility for the delivery of quality is with everyone jointly and individually, with leadership from the Main Board and cascaded through the business. By investing in our own people we are able to offer expert advice and support to our customers. Since 2010 we have trained over 100 staff in a range of professional health and safety qualifications. We will continue to provide training to our teams so they can offer practical support and sensible
advice to our end customers. We offer the widest range of PPE in the region. We ensure we maintain stocks of all products as shown in our website, ensuring you can get what you need when you need it. If you have got a large order or bespoke requirements then come and talk to us about it.Staying safe has never been
easier, order by telephone, email, fax or post what ever is convenient for you.

About Us

We Supply our Products to the following Countries in this region

Middle East

UAE | Muscat, Oman | Bahrain | Kuwait | Saudi Arabia ( Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah), | Doha, Qatar | Iraq | Yemen | Jordan |


Libya, Papa guniea, Kenya | Nigeria | Algeria | Egypt | Morocco | Djibouti | Ethiopia | Kenya | Malawi | Mozambique | Rwanda | Tanzania | Uganda | Congo | Ghana | Mauritania | Niger | Botswania | South Africa| Cameroon


United Kingdom | Kazakstan | Bulgaria | Luxemborg| Latvia | Bosnia | Moldova | Belgium | Azerbaijan

South America

Brazil | Colombia | Argentina | Peru | Venezuela | Ecuador | Bolivia | Paraguay | Uruguay

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Orris Safety is a manufacturer of leading PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and supplies for various industries like oilfield, construction and marine. It has become strength to figure with in a short span of time for